I’m having gum surgery tomorrow. If that seems vaguely familiar to my long-time readers, it’s because I’ve had it done before, as chronicled in this post, nearly six years ago to the day. It’s almost in the exact same area as well, the lower right portion of my mouth.

I cannot express in words how much this is gonna suck. At least for the first time, it was all new so I didn’t know what to expect for the recovery period. Now I know what’s in store for me, which is a whole bunch of suck. Specifically, my mouth is gonna swell up, I gotta eat soft crap for a week, and I’m gonna be super tired all the time. What a wonderful way to spend the last week of my month off. The most awesome part is that this is gonna cost me well over a thousand dollars, of which I don’t know how much my dental plan will cover (which is not likely going to be 100%).

If you happen to look at the clock tomorrow and see that it’s past 2pm, know that my mouth will be a bloody mess by then. See you mofos on the other side.

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