Well, with less than 5% of the precincts reporting, is ready to project that the Kings of Los Angeles will defeat the Vancouver Canucks in six games or less in their first round playoff series for 2010.

This isn’t some divination pulled out of thin air, the evidence is really quite clear for everyone to see. The special teams for Vancouver are horrendous. For two straight games, any time that Vancouver took a penalty, it essentially meant an automatic goal for LA. The power play for Vancity is anemic and most of the shots on the PP wound up being blocked by the PK. Also, the Vancouver club pays millions of dollars to a guy named Roberto Luongo to stop pucks and to steal games for them when the rest of the team sucks (like they do now). The problem is, Bobby Lou hasn’t stole much of anything since the Olympics, other than millions of dollars in salary.

There isn’t much more to it than that. Bad special teams and very average goaltending. I’d like to say there are signs that the Vancouver club will correct these problems but there are none. The Canucks will be done before May! You heard it here first!

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