The OT meal at work tomorrow is going to be KFC. I may not have to work late tomorrow but part of me hopes a single, easy bug gets assigned to me late so I can have me some fried chicken.

I cannot recommend Fortune House restaurant at Metrotown. Making a reservation there doesn’t really mean “making a reservation” as it means with other restaurants. At Fortune House, having a reservation means you get to wait in line with other people that have “reservations”. Sure, there’s another line for “walk-ins” and you supposedly get priority over that line but that’s no consolation. Having a reservation shouldn’t mean I get the privilege of standing in line for over 20 minutes for my table. If you want to sample Chinese food at Metrotown, go somewhere else other than Fortune House.

One of the halogen bulbs burnt out in one of my track lights this evening. It took me ten minutes how to figure out to take the bulb out. I’m thinking about replacing it with an LED bulb.

I had pho for lunch today. It was average in quality. If I had my way, I’d go to White Spot for lunch tomorrow.

This is the last sentence of this post.

3 thoughts on “RANDOMS”

  1. That’s known as “all Chinese restaurants” (at least at dim sum time). I’ve never know a reservation at any of them to mean other than that.

  2. Go to Imperial Chinese or Victoria Chinese on Burrard and make a reservation, even during dim sim. I think you might be pleasantly surprised.

  3. Perhaps — I’ve never actually had to make a reservation at either of those places, because I suspect the demand isn’t nearly as great. Probably explains why reservations would seem to work as well. I’m pretty sure every popular dim sum place in Richmond/East Van/Burnaby has the reservation problem you’re talking about.

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