Over the last few days, several people have indicated they didn’t know I had a blog. Most of these people discovered this little dog and pony show when I did a status update on Facebook that had a link to the post I wrote about being laid off. Wow, I got laid off. As you can tell, I’m still coming to terms with the fact that I had employment terminated. Writing it that way doesn’t make it any better. *sigh*

Anyways, while I always welcome new readers and hope that they continue to read, it can be interesting to think who they might be. When I first started to blog, I think maybe two or three people were kind enough to read it. That number is too small to make a blog worthwhile to write. As I met more people in grad school and the years went on, I started to pick up more readers. Even more started to read as met I people in the games industry.

As my audience widens, however, I have to be increasingly more vigilant about what I write about. When two people read my blog, I could write anything because no one was reading so there was no need to censor myself. Now, I gotta be careful not to insult anyone because I can’t be too sure who’s reading this. Last week, I could have written about so-and-so’s outfit not matching but now I can’t. A terrible loss indeed.

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