A lot of video games feature Hollywood talent, either for the voices, models for in-game characters, or both. Until skate 3, none of the games I’ve worked on had a well-known actor attached to it.

With skate 3, we’re proud to have partnered up with actor and former pro skaterboarder, Jason Lee. In our game, he extends his “Coach Frank” character which you can see in the above video. “Coach Frank” is the guy who tells you what to do in the tutorial section of the game.

I’d love to say it was a blast having Jason Lee around the studio but the truth is, he stayed in LA. We went down to him to get his voice recordings done. A select few of my coworkers actually got to work with him in person but I certainly was not among that group.

In any case, I’ve always enjoyed Jason Lee’s work and his “Coach Frank” character is awesome. If having a Hollywood actor associated with our game sells a few more copies, then I’m ok with that.

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