In the mid-afternoon tomorrow, I have to venture into downtown Vancouver to see my periodontist. This task isn’t something I’m looking forward to for two reasons. First, the reason why I’m seeing a gum specialist is because my regular dentist thinks I’ll probably have to have gum surgery in the same damn area again. I’m also a bit worried that transit might be stupid busy tomorrow afternoon. It shouldn’t be, as I don’t think anything large-scale and Olympic is happening. I lucked out as had my appointment been today or on Friday, I would been caught in some major crowds. Today was a midday dress rehearsal for the opening ceremonies. Friday will be the actual opening ceremonies itself.

I read that today’s dress rehearsal caused transit to be very crowded as several thousand people tried to get to BC Place. I wonder if that’s how busy transit will be going forward starting Friday. I guess by the end of day I’ll know if they’ll have to slice up my gums again.

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