The Olympics in Vancouver are now nearly a week old and many people I know have been lucky enough to attend several events, ranging from hockey games, curling, figure skating, half-pipe, to the medal ceremonies. While I’ve been downtown three times in the last five days, I myself have yet to attend any of the ticketed events. That will change tomorrow as I will take in one of the Olympic ice hockey games.

Because I have the best little sister in the world, I am going to the game featuring the Canadian men’s vs. the Swiss. I’d be thrilled to be going to any hockey game but considering this one features the very best Canadian players, I am super excited. Normally, people would go to a Canuck game just to see one superstar on an opposing team but the Canadian team is a team of superstars. Canada is expected to beat the Swiss but let’s not forget what happened the last time these two teams met in Olympic competition. In 2006, Swiss hockey history was written when a Swiss team led by the goal tending of Martin Gerber defeated the mighty Canadians 2-0 in a game that embarrassed our nation. Since then, Swiss children are told the story of that day in between their watch and chocolate making lessons.

Team Canada is a very different team this time around though. While I expect the Swiss to not be pushovers, I think the odds of another miracle on ice will be very slim. It should be a good game. I am quite excited for my very first Olympic competition. Thanks once again to my sister for making this happen!

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