It’s been almost a year since I first took possession of my apartment. Accordingly, my insurance company sent me a renewal package for my home insurance. They decided to increase my personal property amount by $5K to $50K and my additional living expenses by $2.5K to $25K. I think the amount of personal property in my apartment barely exceeds $10K but I don’t care.

The total amount I’m being charged this year is $236 which is up from the $225 I paid last year. That’s a 5% increase which is this “inflation guard” benefit that the company was trumpeting as a good thing. Seeing as how I’ve never had to renew home insurance before, is a 5% increase a good deal or is the average increase around 5% anyways?

I’d like to hear everyone’s experience with home insurance renewal.


  1. I had to change insurance providers when we moved to PoMo, because BCAA wouldn’t insure an apartment that shared its building with a restaurant.

    My insurance rate has actually gone down over the three years I’ve had it. I couldn’t tell you why. Maybe it’s a loyalty discount, or a reward for never having a claim. But I still am paying more than you.

    Stupid restaurant.

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