I am currently trying to decide if I should go to Vegas before Christmas this year. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know for the last several years I go to Vegas in December to meet up with some grad school chums.

There are a few reasons for going. First, I haven’t really taken a vacation this year at all. I didn’t go anywhere this summer and I didn’t even travel locally. The last time I was on a plane was coming back from Las Vegas in December of 2008. I think it’s healthy to get away from your normal routine, if only to get perspective on said routine. Also, with the US economy sucking bad still, Vegas is cheaper than last year and we all thought it couldn’t get any cheaper. It’s possible to get four nights on the Strip at a 3-star hotel, return flight, fees, and taxes included for less than $500. You’d be hard pressed to find comparable hotels in Vancouver for four nights at the same price and that’s without factoring in a flight. It would also be nice to see the boys again.

There are also reasons for not going. First, this was my first year living at my new apartment. There were a ton of associated costs beyond the purchase price itself. I had to buy a TV, furniture, Slap Chops, housewares, a bed, just basically everything you need to make a home, a home. Let’s not gloss over the fact that I went from being comfortable debt-free to in debt close to $200K. I owe a lot of money to people. Last year, I spent a lot of money in Vegas and didn’t care one bit because I didn’t really have anyone to answer to, other than myself and that dude was totally cool with it. This year, I’m thinking maybe I should use that Vegas money to pay down my mortgage. Last but not least, the Vegas package deals on Expedia fluctuate in price on a nearly daily basis. Sometimes it’s cheaper by $150 but then it goes right back up again. It’s difficult to know when is the right time to book.

No matter what, I better decide quick because the next few days and weeks are going to fly by.

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