In a bit of random surfing, I managed to find a web site which purported to tell me how popular my name is in the US, in all variations: whole name, first, and last. Not surprisingly, not a lot of parents name their kids “Erwin”.

While I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the data, it sure did reveal some interesting items. The screenshot you see above is how “popular” my first name is in the US. I’m a bit peeved that “Smith” came ahead of my name. Who would rather use a common last name as a first name than a real bonerfide first name like mine? Are there parents out there naming their kids “Smith John”?

In a big win, my name came out ahead of “Roosevelt” which perhaps signals to the world that names relating to wartime US presidents are finally on the decline in popularity. I’m also ahead of “Nordbert” which is a name I assume just means you want your kid to get his ass kicked in school everyday. Surprisingly, my name is more popular than “Gus” which I would have never guessed.

Go look up your own name and see what you find.

One thought on “OH REALLY?”

  1. Camilla Parker-Bowles’ new grandchild born last week (one of the twins) is called Gus. Its a crazy name that is becoming increasingly popular. Crazy.

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