Technically today was day one of my holiday though I already had the weekend as a head start. I wish I could say I’ve done some constructive things with my time but I can’t. So far, I’ve done nothing but sleep lots, relax, eat lots of food that’s not good for me, play video games, and make an even bigger mess of my apartment.

I’m really enjoying my time off. It’s hard to believe I was thinking about working until Thursday. My enthusiasm for these days off is slightly tempered by the fact that there appears to be a fairly significant amount of people on my team who opted to work until Thursday. I checked my e-mail today and there was a surprising amount of chatter going on. I got a few bugs assigned to me. I’m going to have to keep an eye on what’s happening at work, until at least Christmas Eve, where I hope everyone will take a few days off. What keeners!

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