I think I’m going take next week off. Our paid winter holiday starts on the 24th. I have the option of working until then but I can also take three vacation days and just begin relaxing Friday afternoon. I kinda have an aversion to taking vacation days but I have over 21 of them saved up, so maybe it’s ok to use a few of them.

An odd circumstance is that even though the paid holiday doesn’t start until Thursday, all studio services are shutting down after Friday. I know at least one person who doesn’t have any holiday left so they’re forced to work next week but there will be no cafeteria to feed them nor any other support services to help them. I believe our team has arranged for a catered lunch for those days so it won’t be that bad. Maybe I should go in one of those days just to see what the lunch is.

Anyways, with me skipping the annual Vegas trip this year, I’ll be looking forward to some sleep and rest.

One thought on “HOLIDAY ROAD”

  1. Hey, im gonna skip vegas in january. i guess the staff at the SR will have to budget for their stilettos. D

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