For the last few months I’ve been mainly wearing denim jeans to work. They’ve been different shades of blue but for sure it’s still all denim. To shake it up a bit and to give the rest of my wardrobe a bit of a workout, I decided on Monday to wear some wool pants. Now these “slacks” are slightly dressier than jeans so I was wondering if anyone would notice.

The standard line around the studio that you give someone when they’re all dressed up at work is “when is your job interview?” That’s a joke in more ways than one. Since the entire game industry is based on a casual work environment, on any given day, about 90% of the people at work are dressed appropriately enough for a job interview for another games company. So really, just because someone is dressed up doesn’t mean anything. On the other hand, if someone wanted to move away from the games industry, well that might just mean something after all.

Anyways, only two people really said anything about my clothes. One coworker just asked why I was all fancy. Another dude said, “nice outfit, maybe you’ll be flagged as a job interviewer”. I think he was kidding. I actually don’t know any companies that flag their employees as a potential flight risk based on their clothing for one day at work. Though it would make sense. I did hear of one story where a coworker once had to dress up for work because he needed to go to a fancy dinner right after the day ended. A few hours into the day, his manager came up to him and asked if things were going ok and if he wanted to talk about anything that might be bothering him.

Maybe I’ll wear a suit to work and see what happens.

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