Every year since I’ve worked at Black Box, which dates back to the summer of 2006, we’ve had an annual holiday party in the beginning of December. We usually get an invitation to said party in late October or early November.

This year, we’re past the midpoint of November and so far, no mention of any holiday party. It’s looking like we won’t be having a shindig this time around. Is this a surprise? Well, no. My employer just announced they’re going to be laying off 1500 people just last week. Things aren’t exactly awesome overall. Money is hard to come by for non-essential things these days. So I completely understand why there won’t be any company-sponsored merriment this year.

I do, however, recognize that just about every single week of the year on Fridays, my employer continues to supply me and others with enough beer, wine, cake, and popcorn that I could ever want. So, it’s not all that bad.

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