I haven’t mentioned my leaky bathroom ceiling for a while but that’s not because it got fixed. In fact, my water damaged ceiling is virtually in the same condition it was two weeks ago. The reason for this is because no one was really sure what was going on upstairs in the apartment above. Rather than fix my ceiling without determining the root cause of the leak, the property management company wanted get all the facts known before proceeding. Given that my ceiling wasn’t actively dripping water and that the logic seemed pretty sound, I agreed to let the property management company do some investigating.

The aforementioned investigating is now done and repairs, I have been told, have been done. I was instructed to wait at least the weekend to see if my ceiling got any worse. It did not, so the next step is to finally get a contractor to fix the ceiling once and for all. Once that’s is done, you’ll get my final leaky ceiling update.

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