With the approach of the new hockey season, I am faced with a new question. Do I order new HD channels to watch the Canucks in high definition? Right now I have a sweet deal with Telus where I get one year free high speed Internet and their Telus TV service. With Telus TV, I get a bunch of standard definition channels and about sixteen super awesome high definition offerings. Unfortunately, I don’t get any sports channels in high def. As it stands, the only Canucks I’d get in HD would be on CBC. If you look at the schedule here, that would be only two games a month.

Now if I get Sportsnet Pacific, I’d get way more games in HD. There are seven games alone in October that will be broadcast in glorious 720p. The crappy thing about getting the new channel is I can’t pick SPac by itself, it has to come in Sports bundle. On top of that, they force me to get the standard definition pack just to allow me to pick up the high definition version of the channel. The SD sports pack is $6 and the HD version is $5. All told, that’s $11 a month for seven sports channels in SD and four in HD.

I’m not sure if that’s a good deal at the moment. Do I really want to see the Canucks that badly? Why can’t I just get the one channel I want in HD?

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