So when I woke this morning I was feeling bad enough to decide it was time to take a sick day. Yesterday I wrote I didn’t remember when the last time I had a cold. Well, it would be even harder to remember when I took a sick day. The actual last time I remember staying home from work was during the 2006 Olympic Winter Games. I distinctly remember watching the women’s ice hockey gold medal game from my bed. Our women won that game if you forgot.

Anyways, after sending off a blurry e-mail to inform people that I would not be coming in, I fell back asleep. I didn’t intend to but I didn’t wake up until 12:30pm. I crawled out of bed, blew some mucus out of my nostrils, and made myself some lunch.

Feeling somewhat better, I decided I could make it to a UPS Store which is about half a block from my apartment building. I really wanted to ship out my busted Xbox 360 as early as possible. Since it was surprisingly sunny, I decided to wear shorts. I was in the direct sunlight for perhaps two minutes but by the time I entered the shade of the store, I was beginning to sweat like I’d been out in scorching sun for an hour. It wasn’t even that hot outside today. It was a sign that this cold was doing some weird things with my body temperature.

Getting my 360 shipped out was easy, so I returned to my apartment. I briefly thought about taking a nap but I watched Oprah instead while clearing my sinuses. As the afternoon turned into evening my sinuses are now less congested but a cough has taken its place.

I’m almost positive I’ll return to work tomorrow but I’ll be bringing a stupid cough with me.

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