As I mentioned in a previous post I bought some new shower heads because the builder of my new apartment really cheaped out in this regard. I couldn’t install the new heads right away since I didn’t have a wrench. On Friday, I borrowed a wrench from a co-worker thus enabling to me to do the install this long weekend.

Though many of you told me to use Teflon tape to help seal the connections, the instructions informed me that no such tape was required. When I took off the original crappy shower head, I saw someone had used Teflon tape on the threads. Not wanting to tempt fate, I decided not to clean the threads (as suggested by the instructions).

The whole installation took less than ten minutes. I had to tighten one connection just once before everything was completely leak-free. The initial shower with the new heads was a delight. The five varied settings offered me a cornucopia of aqua sensations. With the new hand held shower, it’s now a snap to clean my bathtub and my pretend dog.

My confidence as a handyman has grown considerably, to the point where I am now considering buying a wrench of my own.


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