Since I’ve started to work in Burnaby a lot has changed in my daily routine. Some things have been noticeable right away, others have taken some time to pop up.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that I don’t eat McDonald’s food items any more. When we were downtown, we were next to a McD’s located in Waterfront Centre. Sometimes I buy lunch from there about once a week, though it would be closer to every other week. I would often buy snacks from McD’s. In the afternoon, I’d often buy a snack wrap, junior McChicken, or a bacon cheeseburger. It was convenient and cheap.

Now, I have no close by McD’s to go to. I’m usually stuck on-campus all day. On my way home, there’s no McD’s that’s conveniently along the commute. I do live by a Burger King but I refuse to eat BK products. On the weekends, I don’t actively go seeking McD food.

All that adds up to a change in my diet. I hope it’s for the better. The question is, did I replace McDonald’s with something better?

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