Since buying an apartment I’ve really come to appreciate stores that offer items that help you run an entire household. A great store is one that offers a wide selection, good quality, and decent prices. A lot of my readers with families know this already but in my books, the Real Canadian Superstore chain of stores is a winner.

Even though there’s an IGA Marketplace within walking distance to my apartment, I have rarely gone there. IGA’s selection and prices really can’t compare to Superstore. A 12-pack of Coke at IGA is about $4.50. I was at Superstore this weekend and the same product is $3.35. Not to mention I can get a billion more different products at Superstore, from a Blu-ray player to sheets for my bed.

When I went to Superstore this Saturday, I was able to make a cash deposit to my CIBC banking account, shop for groceries, and also use the Superstore gas bar to get petrol for my car. It’s really difficult to beat that convenience.

Well, thus ends my commercial endorsement for Superstore. The Superstore people should really compensate me for such a positive blog post.


  1. Superstore is fantastic for any dry goods or household consumables. It is perhaps the worst grocery store for meats and vegetables. Unless of course you like horrible cuts of meat or moldy and expired vegetables.

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