So just about an hour before I was going to leave work, a co-worker comes up to me. “Shaun” lives in the same building as I do. He has a two-bedroom with his girlfriend a few floors below me.

Shaun wanted to know if I knew anything about the Internet being out of service this evening until the next morning. Apparently, there was a notice in our building. I said no I had not seen anything like that in the morning when I left. The whole thing seem fishy from the beginning. The “Internet” just doesn’t become unavailable. He said his girlfriend just called him to inform him of this.

She didn’t say if it was a particular provider that had posted. Around my parts, Internet comes from either Shaw or Telus but she didn’t say which one it was. Scheduled outages like that are very, very rare. Not liking this one bit, I called the building manager to get some more info. It turns out he didn’t know anything about an outage and his Shaw connection was working fine.

Boy, Shaun wasn’t too pleased about this deception. His Sundays and Wednesdays are his designated gaming nights, a negotiation he made with his better half. This was an especially big night since he was participating in a little Battlefield: 1943 match tonight.

Ladies, let me give you some advice. If you’ve said to your dude he can play games that night, don’t tell him his connection to the outside gaming world is unavailable.


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