So I’ve entered this video game competition at work that’s among people who work at Black Box. The organizers could have picked any game out there but they decided on EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis for the Wii. That’s great because I love playing tennis but here’s an interesting anecdote, I’ve never played the game before.

My real life doubles tennis partner asked me if I would join him in the competition. Of course, I couldn’t turn him down, even though he’s never played the game either. I’m not even sure if either of us own a Wii. The competition starts today, that is Thursday, and we get one practice session before we play for real. I’m hoping we get to play with the Motion Plus add-on as that adds a higher level of fidelity to the controls.

I believe the studio is going to be encouraged to watch the matches but I’m pretty certain the venue won’t fit more than 20 people, especially if there’s four of us madly swinging away. There’s some sort of reward for winning the whole competition but I need to dig up an e-mail to figure out what that is. Oh yes, there’s some sorta cup to be won.

Anyways, I’m really looking forward to playing the game. For the horde!

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