UPDATE: I was wrong. After completely counting the change, it appears I did break even. I actually made a small profit. There was over $2 missing so there were a few people who didn’t pay the full $0.75. My faith in humanity is slightly restored. I will see what happens with the next 24 cans.


In a previous post a few days ago I detailed my decision to offer soft drinks for sale at work in the team fridge at prices lower than what the cafeteria was selling them. I checked the fridge before leaving work today and all the cans of Coke Zero and Diet Coke were gone. That would be good news except for the fact there was way less than the $11 and change that should have been in the mug I set aside for payment.

Just two days ago I was already behind in payment when half the cans were gone. I was short about $4. Now with all the cans gone, I’m very behind. I didn’t even break even. I’m not sure why I would continue to buy Coke for team if I just wind up losing money.

Oh well, I guess I can just chalk this up as another test in my faith in humanity.


  1. Was there at least a notice in the cup that a donation would be mande in your name towards “The Human Fund”?

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