So I’ve been trying to snack more healthy at work. In the last several weeks, I’ve bought one 8-pack of Twinkies to work just about every week. I usually don’t eat the whole pack myself since people come by my desk, see them, and then ask to have one. I do, however, consume at least half of every box. I didn’t start out consciously wanting to buy Twinkies. I bought a box sorta as a joke when I went over to a friend’s place for dinner. Unfortunately, I when opened the first package, I remembered how damn tasty they were. So here we are.

In an effort snack smarter and healthier, I brought some rice cakes of the buttered popcorn variety to work yesterday. These things have way less fat and sugar. There is a downside however. While the Twinkies last me about the whole week, I ate half the package in about one day. That’s seven rice cakes. As you might imagine, the rice cakes aren’t very substantial. You eat one and you kinda wonder if half the cake was just air. I know I shouldn’t factor money into this but it’s cheaper to eat Twinkies instead of rice cakes. It’s always cheaper to eat unhealthy things.

Maybe I should start eating fruit instead.

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