I’ve been eating at the EA cafeteria now for about six weeks. In that time, I’ve learned a few important lessons. First, their strongest and most impressive meal by far is breakfast. They do breakfast right just about every single day. Every day they have a la carte options like hash browns, sausages, and bacon. It’s quick easy and you can choose whatever you want. It’s also reasonably priced. There’s also bagels and breakfast wraps. Those can be filled with scrambled eggs, cheese, hash browns, and bacon. Yummy. Each day also has a special breakfast item. Waffle Wednesday is a good one. A freshly griddled waffle is made before your eyes with a choice of two of your favourite fruits. Toppings include fresh whip cream, maple syrup, and an additional blueberry fruit topping. Sure it ain’t healthy but when I had one with strawberries and pineapple, I was pretty pleased.

Lunch unfortunately can be very hit or miss. My biggest complaint is that even when they offer a delicious lunch item, the portions are way too small. The most common offender here are their lunch “entrees”. There are usually three options here but each one will offer just a tiny portion of whatever it is. Roast beef? A tiny thinly sliced piece of beef. Roast turkey? Barely enough to even make you think about getting sleepy after the meal. As a sign of how little faith I have in their portions, one of the entrees they had today was a salmon fillet and I didn’t get it. Many of you know I’ll pretty much have salmon anything, raw or cooked. I passed on it in favour of a burger and fries. If you want a consistent lunch item that is both delicious and filling, go to the burger bar. It’s sad that a burger is the best thing about lunch there but that’s my opinion at least.

I can’t comment about the dinner options because I’ve yet to try them. Though OT looms on the horizon… I think.

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