Today was day one for the skate team out at EA Canada. With the use of the EA-procured shuttle bus, I was able to be at work at 10am on the dot, which is kinda of a rare thing for me. I made my way to the cafeteria where I immediately ran into an old co-worker now working on the NHL team. Dean and I did some joking around while I selected one slice of bacon, one hash brown, and one breakfast sausage. Dean walked me over to Phase II.

It turns out I didn’t need my breakfast as there was a huge spread of pastries, breads, and fresh fruit waiting for the skate team. The majority of my team was in the process of unpacking and setting up in their new spaces. All my stuff was accounted for. On each of our desks was a welcome package from facilities. The package contained a new Black Box branded badge holder (made of super crystal clear plastic), a badge reel, a glass mug, and a coffee cup.

I spent all morning setting up my computer, TV, Xbox 306 dev kit, and PS3 dev kit. At noon, there was a welcome BBQ out on the patio next to our space. We actually have two patios for our use, which is nice since we as a team like claiming spaces for our own.

We were supposed to be “back to work” in the afternoon but no one really expected anyone to be productive on such a day. A lot of people were watching E3 live video. I think I actually wrote a bit of code.

I got home about ten minutes earlier than usual which I appreciated. I’ll have some more to say later about the transition to Burnaby.

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