A few days ago I mentioned I wanted to do a “best of” post where I listed some of my better posts from the last seven years or so of blogging. I solicited you, my readers, for some suggestions to help me find some fan favourites. Over the weekend I tried to sift through as many of my archived posts as possible. I have to say, going over seven years worth of posts can be quite time consuming. Since I wasn’t able to read all the previous posts, I am convinced there’s still a few gems left to include in a part of “best of” post. One thing I want to point out is commenting prior to 2007. This blog orginally used a third-party commenting system that sucked. Unfortunately, five years worth of comments were lost went that system finally kicked the bucket. If you’re wondering why some posts have no comments that’s why. Well, without further ado, let’s get to it!

Wang Flies

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know what this is about. Years ago, I read a news report about a young Indian boy who was suffering from an extremely odd and disturbing medical condition. The original post I made was simply a link to the story and nothing else. That link has since been made invalid so it’s not worth showing again. There were subsequent updates to the story, which I also blogged about. After the story died down, “wang flies” became a term that always came up if I blogged about a weird medical condition.

Wang Flies Update

The Stripper Incident

In 2003, I wrote a post that led to very first bit of drama on my blog though at the time, I didn’t think anything of the sort was going to happen. A friend of mine told me that a mutual junior high school classmate was at the time, working as a stripper in Vancouver. I decided to blog about it by showing her stripper promo picture which was readily viewable on the Internet. I also showed her junior high yearbook photo as well. I didn’t reveal her real name in the post nor did I even mention what school we went to.

I thought the post was ok but one of my “readers” took exception. He was a guy I used to work with when I was testing games at EA. When I worked with him he seemed really easy going and he admitted to me and a lot of people he smoked a lot of pot. Well colour me surprised when he sent me messages accusing me of being a dick for revealing my classmate’s occupation and personal info on the Internet. He conveniently forgot that I didn’t list her name nor did I even mention what junior high I went to. He also seemed to gloss over the fact she was stripping in the same city she grew up in which to me was an indication this wasn’t a big secret for her.

I tried to take the high road but he continued to accuse me of being the bad guy. Another person told me my former co-worker was going through some extreme stress at the time and that I should just ignore him. I never did delete the post.

Read now what caused the kerfuffle.

Now and Then

Taxi Drivers

Over the years, I’ve taken a fair share of cabs, either through going home late from work or from my travels around this hemisphere. Some of the drivers I’ve met have led to some interesting encounters.

Head Taxi Driver
Fight for Cabs
Bad Cabbies
Taxi Driver

Brush with Greatness

Early on, I started a series of posts where I detail my run ins with famous people. Actually, these people don’t even need to be famous, they just need to be somewhat Googleable.


Top Five

I am a big fan of David Letterman and his comedy has had a great influence on my sense of humour. Dave is well-known for his top ten lists. In this blog, I’ve made top five lists because it’s hard to write a list ten funny things, five is just easier.

Top Five Punchlines to Unfunny Jokes I Made Up

Top Five Reasons Why I, Erwin Tang, Should Try Internet Dating
Top Five Things I’ve Discovered Since I’ve Been Sick

Andy the Fur Salesman

In late summer of 2003, I took a trip to New Orleans before my second year of grad school started. It was a fun, eventful trip for many reasons. One of the things I will always remember is meeting Andy, a man who decided to come to New Orleans from Dallas, to sell furs to women during the hottest week of the year.

Meeting Andy
Andy and I go to Coyote Ugly

Medical Adventures

I am extremely thankful for my good health (knock on wood). I don’t even wear glasses and being an Asian male, I know I’ve had some good luck. Despite this, I’ve blogged about the various very minor ailments that I’ve encountered in the past few years.

Thumb I: Birth of the Capstarian Warrior
Thumb II: The Omega Gambit
Thumb III: The Final Showdown

More tooth
Even more tooth


The following posts didn’t really fit into any unified category, so I’ve just included them here.

My Teachers

Computer Club
Cabin Pressure
Credit Card Solicitor
The Bet
Hawaiian Wedding
Letterman Wish Fulfilled

Well, that’s it for now. Thanks for your continued support and readership.

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