Though I don’t want to believe it, the last days of the skate team working downtown are upon us. Today, I brought my camera to take a few pictures of my desk and some of the areas on our floor. At lunch, I finally visited the deli at So.cial where I had one of their much talked about sandwiches. I had the Genoa salami. It was good but I wonder if it was $6.95 (for a small) good. Having the sandwich wrapped in butcher paper is a nice touch and for some reason, made it seem like it was a higher quality and fresh piece of cuisine. In any event, I can say I had one of their sandwiches.

Tomorrow, the old dim sum gang will do one more last dim sum at Victoria Chinese before having to find a new place to dim sum in Burnaby. I’m hoping it will be a good outing.

Thursday also marks our last full working day downtown. Friday is a bit of a write-off as packing must be complete that day and we’re having one last celebration as a team that afternoon. Without computers, the only logical thing to do at the end of the day will be to drink.

3 thoughts on “LAST DAYS”

  1. As someone who worked at EAX on opening day, I’m sad that the whole thing is being shuttered. I’ll never forget the bamboo and panda atrium with the double helix staircase, and the avocado green colour scheme, and the elevators that literally ate people’s legs.

  2. dude, once you start playing a bit of dodgeball at lunch and eating in the caf, you’ll forget all about downtown

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