I am sure a lot of you have either seen or even own a Starbucks Card. It’s like a debit card for Starbucks. I know people have received them as stocking stuffers or as small gifts. I’ve received several through work or through volunteering.

While the immediate benefit of the cards is of course buying stuff at Starbucks, you should hang onto those cards, even if they have no funds on them. Did you know that each Starbucks Card entitles you to two free hours of Starbucks wi-fi access per day? It is true. I only discovered this on Wednesday.

This applies in both Canada and the US though I am unsure if one card will work in another country. Given the ubiquity of Starbucks locations, keep this in mind in your hometown or while traveling. Two free hours a day is significant, so keep this in mind when you need to find a place to Twitter.

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