Looking at pictures of Megan Fox really does nothing to dull the pain of tonight’s tough Canucks loss. They were less than minutes away from being up three games to one in the series. Unfortunately, a costly (to understate it) error by one of the Canucks sent the game to overtime. In overtime, yet another mistake by the Canucks led to the winning goal. I took the loss in game two much easier. Game two was a blowout so it was easier to divest yourself from any emotional attachment. Losing in OT after playing a near-perfect game is another story altogether. I was still swearing up a storm an hour after the game ended.

Shifting gears for a second, the picture you see above is from a trailer for Transformers 2, the Michael Bay directed sequel starring Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox. If you watch the trailer, it appears that Spike (LaBeouf) and Mikaela (Fox) are still a couple. The interesting thing is, it also seems like Spike has gone away to attend university somewhere, leaving Mikaela behind. The two are trying the lost distance thing. Now this maybe just me but if I had a girlfriend that looked like Mikaela and also knew cars inside and out, I’d probably think twice before deciding it was a wise decision to take Calculus I at a school hundreds of miles away. Oh if you’re interested in seeing another picture from the trailer, click here.

I’m still disappointed the Canucks lost.

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