In earlier posts I mentioned I was a big fan of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. According to reports from late Sunday night, it appears the show has been canceled. There is no official word from Fox yet as the actual network announcement was supposed to be made on Monday. As such, by the time you read this, the official cancellation announcement might have already been made.

It’s such a shame the show could not have been saved. It appeared to have a lot of viewers and followers. In the end, I’m guessing the Nielsen ratings mattered the most which I find to be an archaic way of assessing a show’s popularity. In the age of PVRs, torrents, web sites like Hulu, and other non-traditional ways of watching shows, is it fair to measure the popularity of a show at that exact hour it was on?

Fox was able to do what no other Terminator could do, it managed to stop Sarah Connor. Perhaps bittersweet is the premiere of Terminator: Salvation this week. John Connor will live to fight another day but I’ll always remember what Sarah brought to TV one week at a time for two all too short seasons.

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