At the risk of sounding like both a geek and a geezer, I will state that I’ve surfing for porn using the Internet longer than some of you have been alive. As such, I’ve seen a lot of web and Internet apps come and go in my time. Some have faded away into obscurity, others have found a strong base and are still with us now.

I hear these days a lot of you kids are using “Twitter“. Some of you are fond of “Twittering”. I know the use of Twitter was/is reaching critical mass when celebrities were starting to Twitter. Usually celebs aren’t too good with technology, so if they’re starting to do something, it sure must be both easy for them.

I for one doubt I’ll ever sign up for an account. I just don’t think I live an exciting enough life that I’d feel the need to update everyone on what I’m doing from nearly minute to minute. Even if I did have something to say, it would be stupid to think there would be people who actually wanted to know if I indeed decided to eat a chocolate bar after taking that dump at work. I sincerely do appreciate that you, my readers are loyal to this blog but it would be wrong of me to think you’d also want to know the fine minutiae of my everyday activities. Besides, isn’t that what Facebook status updates are for? Aren’t those the same thing?

Anyways, don’t expect to see a Twitter account from me anytime soon.

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