The stationary items were indeed where I had left them. By the late afternoon though, someone had moved them onto the sink countertop.


So yesterday I was at the studio doing my “business” in the “executive washroom”. Next to the throne is the toilet paper holder which is a nice brushed metal thing which goes over the top of the roll. It’s got a flat top and its big enough to rest things on it.

On top of the holder I noticed two rows of staples. They were not loose staples but the kind you see in a box of staples, all attached to each other in a neat orderly row. I am not sure why they were there or who put them there. I didn’t think about it beyond my initial discovery.

Today I went back in there and the staples were still sitting right where I saw them last. Not only had the staples remained, there now another item on the toilet paper holder. Someone had put a pen next to the staples. Now a pen might make some sense. Maybe its a communal pen for doing crosswords while on the can? I’m still not sure who’d want to touch such a thing. Anyways, now we had staples and a pen on the holder.

I began to think we were onto something here. I was going to take this odd thing to the next level. After washing up, I ran over to our supply closet where we keep items like pens, pencils, log books and other items you might find at Staples. I selected a small yellow pad of Post-Its and a few paper clips (the kind that open like jaws). I ran back to the executive washroom and placed my items next to the ones already there. So now we had two rows of staples, a pen, some Post-Its, and a few paper clips.

I’m not sure what’s going on in there but whatever it is, I want to get in on the ground level. I hope the cleaning staff doesn’t just dismiss us as idiots (if that hasn’t happened already) and removes all the items.

I’ll report back what I find tomorrow.

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