So just after the holiday break, I brought a pair of slippers to work. The reason behind this starts with a co-worker of mine. He is well known for taking off his shoes when he gets to work and walks around the studio all day in his socks. He says for him, it just feels really comfortable to do so and since we have a casual dress code, it’s all good. He only puts his shoes on to go for lunch and when he goes to the bathroom.

I don’t wear uncomfortable shoes, so if I had to, it wouldn’t be a big deal if I kept my shoes on all day. I do admit though, it is rather nice to kick off my shoes and make myself feel at home while at work. What I didn’t like though was walking around in socks where other people might be wearing shoes. Sure the cleaning staff keeps everything generally spotless but I’ve encountered the odd coffee spill or errant grape on the floor that made me regret being in socks. I could just put my shoes on whenever I leave my desk but that’s inconvenient.

To solve this problem, I decided to get a pair slippers from Wal-Mart. They had a wide selection including some really boring slippers that old men wear when they go get the paper off the porch. If you know me, old man slippers aren’t really my style. I wanted to be careful though since if I picked an unsuitable pair, say a pink one, that would give off the wrong impression. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I ended up choosing a fuzzy blue pair with yellow ducks on it. It had just the right mix of frivolity without giving off too much of a gay vibe. I hope. Anyways, I’ve really come to enjoy wearing my slippers. I can kick them off when I’m at my desk but still have something protecting my feet as I walk around.

People on my team have made a lot of positive comments about them. Lots of co-workers have said its a good idea but I’ve yet to see anyone else get slippers. Since I wear them in the elevator to go to the other floors in the studio, it’s there where I get the most entertaining reactions. Other people in the studio don’t really care but it’s hilarious when it’s me and three other accountants in suits and ties in the same elevator car. They kinda make a quick stare at my slippers before averting their eyes. I act as if there’s nothing weird at all going and sometimes I have this really serious look on my face, even though I yellow ducks on my feet. The odd time, a woman from a non-EA floor will make a nice comment about them, which I appreciate. I just hope she doesn’t think I’d be a great person to watch Sex in the City with all weekend.

I’ll be doing the slippers thing when we move to Burnaby.

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