I had a lengthier post all lined up tonight but I lost track of time to write it properly. Unfortunately, all my time tonight got sunk into playing Saints Row 2 on my Xbox 360. I shouldn’t even be playing it at this point. I “finished” the game yesterday, as in I completed the parts of the game that tell the whole story. As far as plot goes, I’ve seen all there is to see.

The sad part is that the game contains all these frivolous collection side quests that really add nothing to the story. They really are all trivial. One set teases me to find all these CDs that scattered across the city. Another asks me to find all the graffiti locations in the city. There are two additional sets which are essentially the same “go look for these things” type quests. Some people would just forget these inconsequential parts to a game but not me. I have to find all these items. Sure, I get a few lousy achievement points for some of them but I’m really doing it because I’m slightly neurotic when it comes to these type of things.

I know we live in a wonderous world when I can even suffer OCD in a virtual environment.

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