It’s been quite a while since my last post in my “brush with greatness” series, so I am pleased about its return. Tonight I had dinner with a good friend at Joey’s at their Burrard and Pender location. Even though there’s another Joey’s a few blocks up on Robson, I prefer the Pender one. The atmosphere is slightly more laid back and I seem to get better service there.

Anyways, as my friend and I were leaving, we passed by a table close to ours. There were four young gentlemen seated, dressed casually but nicely. I noticed one of them wearing a baseball cap. To my surprise, it was current Vancouver Canuck, Steve Bernier. Seated next to him and also in a ball cap was Alexandre Burrows who is having a stellar season. Across from Burrows was Kyle Wellwood. The fourth in their party was facing completely away from me so I couldn’t see who it was. He appeared to be of average height. We weren’t sure if he was a Canuck or not. My friend thought that if it was a Canuck, it looked like Rick Rypien. My bet was on Mason Raymond.

In any case, they were all being very low-key. Wellwood still has a giant shiner on his face near his eye. A large area of his face is just purple and black. I have to say, it’s difficult not to like Wellwood. He just seems like an average dude who just happens to possess an amazing amount of hockey skill that unfortunately doesn’t shine through every game. In every situation though, he looks very humble.

At this point I realized I was probably staring at them too much so I decided to keep walking towards the exit. While walking up Burrard, my friend and I debated who the mysterious fourth member of their group was. We decided there was only one way to find out and that was to go back to the restaurant. None of us was willing to go that far.

If only I had tickets to tomorrow’s game against LA. I’d go to the warmup and yell at Burrows, Bernier, and Wellwood.

“Hey, who was the fourth guy at dinner last night?”

Oh hey, if any of you are going to the game, could you ask them for me? Yeah, thanks.


  1. This sounds like the makings for a good Seinfeld episode, only you would have to replace the Canucks with the 1997 New York Yankees.

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