Next week Telus is coming to hookup my Internet and TV service. As part of the deal for buying my apartment, I’m getting a free year worth of Telus Internet and TV. Part of the TV service includes HD channels. This is interesting because as some of you know, I don’t currently own a TV at all, let alone one that is capable of displaying HD images.

Before I was willing to be patient as I am waiting to see if some new TV models suit my price range and purpose. Will this evapourate my patience? Will it eat at me, knowing there will be glorious HD signals coursing through my apartment’s internal network without any way for me to see them? Who knows?

One thought on “THE HOOKUP”

  1. Erwin, if you ever do get a TV, let me know how you like Telus TV.Telus has been harassing my roommate and I about getting their glorious TV package. They are offering a bundle that would cut our current TV and internet/phone bill by an attractive amount, but only for the first year. They require a 3 year commitment and jack the price up in the second and third years to almost where we are at now. We wouldn’t get exactly the same channels as we currently do on basic cable, and the new channels they offer are not interesting to either of us. I might have considered switching, to at least save some money in the first year, but they called us every day a couple weeks ago while we were both at work without leaving a message, which is really quite bothersome. I am not pleased with Telus.

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