Last night after putting some furniture together for my apartment I got hungry so I decided to get some Wendy’s. Wendy’s is one of my favourite fast-food joints. When I got to the closest one, the dining room had already closed but the drive-through was still open. I’d been at this particular location dozens of times before. As I was getting my meal, it reminded me of this one time I was using the drive-through.

It was probably a few years back, my memory is getting hazy these days but it was around 2004. I’d made my order and had pulled up to the window. My order was a classic single combo, which back then was a little over $5. I remember paying in cash with a $10 bill. They couldn’t give me my change right away but my food was ready. The woman at the window handed me my drink and then she gave me a bag with the rest of my meal. I said thanks then placed the bag on the passenger seat and then for some reason, I took off. I didn’t peel out of there but I certainly didn’t just roll away either.

I probably traveled forty feet before I realized I just left more than $4 of my money with Wendy’s International, Incorporated. For a millisecond I thought about turning around to go get my change but I would look like an even bigger idiot. I’d have to get back in line with any other cars, get to the ordering device, yell out to everyone within earshot that I didn’t want any food because I was just here to get my change, roll up to the window again, and sheepishly face the lady that I just took off on. I decided it was too much bother for $4 and that I was very hungry and I had a delicious bag of food next to me.

I kept on driving and took my food home. It was tasty. I realize I’ll probably never get my $4 back but that’s ok.

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