So I’ve been told in the past that I sometimes snore when I sleep. According to some people, there are times when my snoring can be, shall we say, loudiferous. Yes, that is an actual word.

Now here’s the interesting thing. I fall asleep on the bus ride home from work all the time. I am constantly amazed at how I am completely out of it when I doze off. I’ll wake up and there will be different people around me. Sometimes the dude or lady next to me will be gone or someone else will have replaced them. The bus driver could have handed out tacos to everyone and I would not have been the wiser (or taco-ier). I’m always wondering if someone has gone through my coat pockets while I’m asleep.

Anyways, the real question is whether or not I snore when I’m sleeping on the bus. If I did and it was loud enough for people to hear, I’d be embarrassed. When I wake up no one looks at me funny or snickers at me but that’s no proof that I didn’t snore. I’m hoping that I don’t snore and part of that hope lies in the fact that I’m sleeping while sitting as opposed to sleeping while lying down. Unfortunately, I have in my experience, heard a dude snoring while he was sleeping in a sitting position on the bus so maybe my theory sucks.

Man, what if I fart while sleeping on the bus too?

2 thoughts on “THAT GUY ON THE BUS”

  1. What about drooling? Do you drool in your sleep, sitting up?You could always record yourself sleeping on the bus. Hold a camera in your hands facing you, and then fall asleep recording video.

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