In my continuing education of all things house and home, I bought bed sheets for my new this weekend. I’ve bought sheets before. One spring while I was in grad school, I went on this wild adventure across the city looking for lavender sheets because I thought it my bed should reflect the new spring weather we were having. I wound up finding them at Zeller’s in Burnaby.

Back then, I wasn’t really paying attention to thread counts too much nor did I care much about what material the sheets were made of. This time I decided to do some research. Like for most things these days, I looked online for my bed sheet education. This page was somewhat useful in describing all things sheet-related.

In the end, I decided that while thread count wasn’t everything, it certainly gave you a good idea how soft the sheets would be. I wound up purchasing a 500 thread count, Pima cotton set of sheets. You can seem them here. The Amazon price is about what I paid for mine at the Bay.

There’s a slight sheen to the sheets which makes it look like it should be super soft to the touch, which it thankfully is. I’m almost afraid to put it in the wash for the first time as I fear it might come out feeling like a burlap sack.

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  1. Pima cotton, w00t! They grow that here.BTW, is it bad that initially when you wrote “thread count”, I immediately thought threads on a message board and was confused for a second?

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