I didn’t realize it until today but US President Barack Obama attended at a Washington Wizards game on Friday night. Now, it’s not usual for sitting Presidents to attend sporting events but they usually do so in the comfort and safety of private suites, above and away from the “common” folk.

So where did President Obama sit? He sat courtside… as in right next to the court that the players play on and right next to the fans that are at the game. In this news story, you can read and see video from the game.

I’m not sure who in the Secret Service decided this was an acceptable situation to put the President in. He was sitting right next to normal, common people. Amazing. I bet his security detail was extremely nervous the entire time he was there. If it were up to me, he’d been up in a suite by himself, with the first ten rows below the suite cleared out. Instead, he sat courtside and drank a beer… in a glass. He even chatted with a little kid in a Wizards jersey.

I can’t even begin to imagine Prime Minister Harper sitting in row 4 at section 101 at GM Place, handing over hot dogs to the family next to him.

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