My day consisted of two highlights today. First, I checked in a huge number of files at work. When you work collaboratively on a video game, you check out files much like you do a library book. After you’re done working on that file, you check it back in so other people can grab your latest revisions. A “changelist” is simply a list of files you’ve checked back in at the same time. Depending on what you’re doing, a dozen files is considered to be a medium sized changelist. Today, I checked in a changelist of about 600 files. Now I admit the editing of 95% of those files was automated but that’s still a lot of files.

I expected that revising about 600 files and then checking them back in would have caused a lot of problems but suprisingly, there were none. I’ve never had so many files open for edit at the same time.

The second highlight of my day was purchasing a porcelain butter dish for about $8. Growing up, there was a glass butter dish in my parents’ kitchen, which they still have. I have fond memories of that butter dish because let’s face it, butter tastes awesome. In university, I had a cheap plastic butter dish. Now that I have a job, I went all out and spent the $8 for the white porcelain. I am pleased.

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