So over the weekend I watched my first Canucks game in high-definition quality at my apartment. I still haven’t bought an HDTV but what I did do was connect a small 20″ widescreen LCD monitor to the set top box that Telus installed for me. The monitor was lying around unused, so I figured it could hold me over until I did pull the trigger on my new TV.

The CBC HD feed is excellent. From the dozen or so HD channels I have, the hockey game looked the best. It’s a shame though that the ‘Nucks stunk up the joint down in Phoenix, which made my first HD game a bit less entertaining than it could have been.

What I didn’t realize is that some commercials are broadcast in HD as well. Two video game commercials I saw were in glorious HD which I am sure the marketing people love. Oh, I also watched my first episode of Cops in HD. I really enjoyed that as I’ve been following that show for two decades now.

I am looking forward to seeing some informercials in HD. ShamWow in HD anyone?

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