After some thought, I am going to hold off on my TV purchase for at least another three weeks or more. After talking to some dudes whom I respect, I’ve been talked out of buying the $4000 LCD TV from the future. It’s just too high of price for a TV that only displays pictures. Had it also cooked and cleaned for me, then it might be still in the running.

Since then, I’ve given more thought to buying a plasma TV. After doing some research, I came across a report on Panasonic’s new plasma offerings for 2009 (my emphasis added):

“The G10 series is offered in 42”, 46” 50” and 54” screen sizes. Unlike the above series, the G10s are standard depth plasmas (around 3.5”). The G10 uses Panasonics new “green” (low power) Neo PDP technology with Infinite Black and 40,000:1 contrast ratio and full 1080 lines of motion resolution. Features include VIERA Cast Internet connectivity, THX Certification, SD card slot for still photos & AVCHD home movies and 3 HDMI inputs. The 42”, 46” and 50” models will be available in March with the 54” arriving in May. The model numbers are TC-42PG10, TC-46PG10, TC-50PG10 and the TC-54PG10.”

This bit of info is important for several reasons. First, Panasonic has quietly positioned itself as one of the best plasma TV manufacturers in the world. Second, they’ve somehow managed to reduce the power requirements of their plasmas to apparently 50% of their 2007 models. For their higher-end models for 2009, this means some of them are about 1″ thick now. Hopefully, this will also mean they’ve done away with the fans that were necessary with older models. I’m fine with a thicker TV but if they’ve reduced the amount of juice it requires then it becomes cheaper to use, it’s better for the environment, and it’s quieter since it doesn’t require fans now.

Availability is supposed to be in March but unfortunately no pricing has been announced. So for now, I’m going to wait.

5 thoughts on “TV UPDATE”

  1. “However, like Ikegami, which also has an FED on show, it will be next year before the display can ship, because the production facility has to be built first, with prices likely to be in the region of Û20,000.”What’s “Û20,000” in Canadian dollars? Like a billion?

  2. One question, are you going to stream digital content to your tv? I spent quite a bit of time looking into this for my parents setup. Some Sony tv’s are supposed to have UPnP capabilities but apparently it sucks. Samsung has LCD tv’s (series 7) which has a USB port that you can play media from. Or, instead of having a tv digital ready you can buy something like Popcorn Hour, which is a very popular digital receiver. As for tech, you can always wait a few months for something better…

  3. I am planning on viewing some digital content via my TV but that’s what a VGA port and my laptop is for. It would be nice to have a USB port though.

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