I suspect that most of us will be returning to work and/or school today. I hope everyone had an enjoyable and restful holiday. If you live in the greater Vancouver area, you must have noticed it snowed once again yesterday! I have lived in this city for many years and I cannot remember another winter where we’ve had this much snow with snow coming at this high of a frequency.

In years past, snow was not unheard of but usually the moderate amounts we got we would melt and go away before more snow would fall. This year, it is my belief that we never did fully melt away all the snow before the next accumulation arrived. That means there is still snow on the ground from the middle of December. This crazy weather for Vancouver.

The forecast keeps promising higher temperatures and rain but that appears to never come true. I’ve seen it somewhat rain for about fifteen minutes before it stops or turns right back into snow. Even tonight, the forecast was supposed to be for rain but as I look outside a window, snow is falling.

I know this is going to make for a less than ideal commute tomorrow as many workers and students head back to their daily routines. I feel somewhat lucky in that I’m not due back to work for a few more days yet.

When will the snow finally stop and the rain arrive in earnest?

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