I find it incredible to believe that, should all go well this week, I’ll be taking possession of a brand new apartment in exactly seven days. I’m not really sure if this is actually happening.

In any case, I have a whole new set of responsibilities to take on now that home ownership is imminent. One of the first things I need to do is ensure my apartment is covered by home insurance. As a renter, I never bothered with tenant insurance as a combination of being lazy, cheap, and not owning expensive items led to me dismissing the peace of mind. It’s amazing how buying (and going into debt for) something for a couple hundred thousand dollars can change your mind.

For those who live in the Greater Vancouver area, I am asking you for your suggestions on where to buy home insurance, specifically condo/apartment unit insurance. If you yourself don’t have any, I’d welcome advice from family members or friends who do.

This is one of the many, many things that I never had to deal with and I am going in kinda blind. I would appreciate any suggestions you might have, lest I go with Lenny’s Crib Insurance and Tanning Salon.

3 thoughts on “INSURANCE HELP”

  1. I currently use mardon group insurance on Cambie, through work, but previously used BCAA – seemed pretty reasonable prices.Dave

  2. I used to get my insurance through a broker, but then became friends with a guy who works for BCAA. The biggest difference is that with BCAA it’s their insurance. With a broker, they’re taking a cut of the money you pay. My buddy at BCAA showed me how to save money without losing coverage, too.

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