After meeting with my realtor in downtown Vancouver tonight, I had the option of watching the rest of the Canucks game at the studio or just going home. I chose the latter option which was correct choice given how the ‘Nucks played tonight.

I caught the bus home and was in the last two kilometer stretch of the Barnet Highway when I noticed the bus driver slowed down considerably. I looked up from my porn on my laptop and saw it was entirely pitch black around the bus. The only illumination was coming from the bus’ headlights. None of the street lamps that dotted the highway were on. Given that this whole area is entirely industrial there weren’t many lights to begin and those were off too. It was very dark and everyone was looking around trying to figure out what had happened.

I tried to look into the distance but it basically pitch black with a few distant orange lights. In the immediate area, it was just vehicle lights breaking through the darkness. I thought it would be a temporary thing, local to just a small stretch but minutes went by and we were still rumbling along in the darkness.

It was at this time I thought now would be a really bad time to have the bus breakdown. I also thought that if the bus indeed did breakdown, it would be also a bad time for the zombie apocalypse to begin, involving my bus as well.

Luckily, nothing happened but our bus did pass several police cars and a fire truck near the edge of the power outage. Once we got into Port Moody proper, that area all had power and not even a single traffic light was affected. Only once I got home did I figure out from the BC Hydro web site that a power line had come down and left about 500 customers without power. The outage is estimated to be resolved by 4am PST, so it has probably been fixed by the time you read this.

Last but not least, if you’re interested in how one man is actually preparing for the zombie apocalypse, read this blog. I refuse to comment as to whether or not I know the blog author personally, except to say his family is lucky to have him.


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