Well, I am tentatively on holiday until January. My work on skate 2 is essentially done. Since we’re supposed to be in stores in the third week of January, some of you can probably guess we’re either in internal EA or 1st party (Sony and Microsoft) certification. There’s a chance we’ll get kicked out of cert by Sony and/or Microsoft. That would be bad and even more bad if it was because of something I wrote. In that case, I’d have interrupt my holiday to come in and write a fix. Barring that situation, I am free until 2009!

There are dozens of things I’d like to turn my attention to. I have a stack of games, movies, and TV shows I’d like to get caught up on. Most of my clothes are dirty. The items of clothing that aren’t dirty have been worn so much, the treads on them are nearly bare. I went from playing tennis once (or more) a week to having my exercise being running up the Skytrain stairs. I’m not even sure how many friends I have left in the city. I used to do regular lunches and dinners with people I quite liked. How many of you have seen me in person in the last few months?

Despite all those worthy tasks, the most logical and sensible thing for me to do is to actually just sleep. I’m exhausted and not the exhausted that just goes away after a good night of sleep. A few weekends ago, I had the rare luxury of sleeping in. I clocked in at ten hours of sleep but I just woke up tired. I wake up tired even when I get eight hours of sleep. I’m going to need several nights, probably a week’s worth, of sustained, restful sleep to feel completely normal again. Of course since I had three Coke Zeros today, tonight might not be night one of those nights of sleep.

In any case, life returns back to normal. What the hell do you people do with all this time on your hands?

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