Tonight, I was driving by the Real Canadian Superstore off Lougheed by the movie theatre when I noticed it was now open 24 hours a day because of the holidays. My intention was to go to the Wendy’s drive through but it was closed. Instead, I decided to pop into the Superstore to get some eats.

It turns out the Superstore is a great place to shop when there is no one there. It’s absolutely cavernous in there and you could go minutes at a time without seeing a single person. I picked up some canned soup, deli meats, and some potato chips before heading off to the check out. It’s here where the visit got a little disappointing. There was only a single line open. To make matters worse, a young lady two spots in front of me had trouble paying her $30 bill. She didn’t look homeless or destitute, her bank account just didn’t have the funds. Shouldn’t she have first checked how much money she had? Nonetheless, she had to keep removing items from her stuff to get it down to a reasonable amount.

I wonder what else is open 24 hours now?

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