As many of you know, I’m working on a game called skate 2. For the first game, the artists put all the team members’ names in signs in the fictional city of San Vanelona. In my case, I owned a series of lobster restaurants. For skate 2, they’ve again done the same thing but the artwork is much better and some people even have 3D signs rather than just flat billboards.

If you don’t tell the artists what kind of sign you want, they’ll just make something up for you. I found out that Jamie was the artist who had the block of names that I was in. When I came over to talk to him about my sign I discovered he had already mocked up a sign of some sorta vegetable stand I owned. This was probably due to some placeholder text I had inserted in the game early on somewhere. Anyways, I told him I really didn’t want to own a series of vegetable stands in New San Vanelona, so I asked him if he could do something with a fried chicken establishment. Jamie said he’d do his best, so I let him do his work.

Weeks passed by and I got an e-mail from Jamie saying he’d finished the sign and that it had been placed somewhere in the city. It took a while to find but I eventually found my sign somewhere in the Old Town district which is the part of the city which most resembles Barcelona and evokes a bit of an European feel. Not only did I discover “Erwin’s Fried Chicken”, I also found out it’s also a franchise! Look for EFCs all over Old Town with a distinct, large flagship location near City Hall!

I’m so happy that from the ruins of the destroyed San Van, I was able to rebuild and open up a series of seemingly successful fried chicken joints. I’d love to show you my stores but I can’t do that until the game is out, which should be… soon. Stay tuned!

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